Bankruptcy Dog


This is a calendar of events of interest to Los Angeles bankruptcy professionals. The Los Angeles Bankruptcy Forum is a proud sponsor of If you would like an event to be posted on "the dog," please send your announcement to J. Scott Bovitz. Include the link to the registration page on your group's web site. Thank you.



December 13 lunch:

San Fernando Valley Bar Association, Bankruptcy Section. The Small Business Reorganization Act. Hon. Ahart, Landau, Rothstein. Woodland Hills.


January 7 (first event of 2020) movie club:

Every now and then, members of the Monday Night Lawyer Movie Club Unless It's On Tuesday gather for a bite (usually at a restaurant at LA Live, next to Staples Center, 800 West Olympic Boulevard) and watch the latest film at the Regal Cinema (also at LA Live, 1000 West Olympic Boulevard, Los Angeles). For upcoming film selections, dates, and times, visit or send a note to


January 8 program/reception:

TMA Southern California. Trends in the Debt and Equity Markets. Krawchuk, Paik, Cross, Madland, Hershberg, Nutting, Chin, Brons, Bobrow. Los Angeles (Jonathan Club).


January 21 lunch:

Los Angeles County Bar Association, Commercial and Bankruptcy Section. Discussion of New Bankruptcy Laws That Help Small Business Owners. Hon. Bluebond, Israel, Sturtevant, Avery. Los Angeles.


January 23-24, 2020:

California Receivers Forum. Loyola Law School. Loyola VIII Symposium: Connect to a Changing Economic Future. Newport Beach.


February 6 dinner:

Financial Lawyers Conference. Legal Opinions in Loan Transactions: Is there any Value to Them?

March 18, 2020 seminar:

American Bankruptcy Institute. Bankruptcy Battleground West. Beverly Hills.


April 3-5 seminar:

Financial Lawyers Conference. Professor Jared Ellias of UC Hastings. Torrey Pines.


May 7 dinner:

Financial Lawyers Conference. Jeffrey S. Turner Memorial Commercial Law Update.


May 15-17, 2020:

California Bankruptcy Forum. 32nd Annual Insolvency Conference. Santa Barbara.


June 4 dinner:

Financial Lawyers Conference. George M. Treister Memorial Bankruptcy Law Update.


September 3-5, 2020 seminar:

American Bankrupty Institute. Southwest Bankruptcy Conference. Rancho Palos Verdes (Terranea).


October 13-17, 2020 conference:

National Conference of Bankruptcy Judges. San Diego (Marriott Marquis).


October 5-9, 2021 conference:

National Conference of Bankruptcy Judges. Indianapolis (J.W. Marriott).


May 20-22, 2022:

California Bankruptcy Forum. 33rd Annual Insolvency Conference. Monterey.


October 18-22, 2022 conference:

National Conference of Bankruptcy Judges. Orlando (Marriott World Center).


May 19-21, 2023:

California Bankruptcy Forum. 34th Annual Insolvency Conference. La Quinta.


October 10-14, 2023 conference:

National Conference of Bankruptcy Judges. Austin (J.W. Marriott).


September 17-19, 2024 conference:

National Conference of Bankruptcy Judges. Seattle (Hyatt Regency Seattle).


September 16-19, 2025 conference:

National Conference of Bankruptcy Judges. Chicago (Marriott Marquis Chicago).