Bankruptcy Dog


This is a calendar of events of interest to Los Angeles bankruptcy professionals. If you would like an event to be posted on "the dog," please send your announcement to J. Scott Bovitz. Include the link to the registration page on your group's web site. Thank you.


Exhibit 32: Social distancing violation.


May 27 Zoom:

Orange County Bankruptcy Forum, Orange County Asian American Bar Association. Bankruptcy 101: A Primer on Reorganization, Liquidation, and Credit Issues in a Post-Covid World. Hon. Yun, Bui, Malo, Marticello. Zoom.


June 1 Zoom:

Los Angeles Bankruptcy Forum. Annual night with the judges. Hons. Tighe, Barash, Bason, Bluebond, Brand, Kaufman, Kwan, Russell, Saltzman. Zoom, 5:00 p.m.


Through June 1 -- limited bankruptcy courthouse access -- Second Amended General Order 20-02:

1. Continuation of Earlier Order. This court’s Amended General Order 20-02, issued on April 1, 2020, remains in effect and is continued to and including June 1, 2020.

2. Only Telephonic or Video Appearances are permitted in all matters through and including June 1, 2020. There will be no physical access to the United States Bankruptcy Court for any hearings or unscheduled filings before that date.

3. Social Security Number Statements. A self-represented litigant filing a voluntary bankruptcy case must include the signed “Statement About Your Social Security Numbers” (Official Form 121) with the initial filing when mailing the documents (F.R.B.P. 1007(f).). When filing a voluntary bankruptcy case through the court’s eSR program, the signed “Statement About Your Social Security Numbers” form must be mailed to the court within ten (10) days of filing, or the case will be dismissed. All self-represented filing instructions are explained in more detail on the court’s website under the “Don’t Have an Attorney” tab (


June 2 Zoom:

Inland Empire Bankrupctcy Forum. Best Practices for Chapter 7 and Chapter 13 Practitioners. Gouveia, Langley, Lee, Shaw, Turoci. 5:00 p.m.


June 4 Zoom:

Financial Lawyers Conference. George M. Treister Memorial Bankruptcy Law Update. Davidson, Glazer. Zoom, 4:00 p.m.


June 4 Zoom:

TMA NOW. What Should You Be Doing During this Pandemic to Help You Build Business and Your Battalion? Blacker. 4:30 p.m. (Why doesn't TMA visit to avoid conflicts? /s/ webmaster)


June 18 Zoom:

Beverly Hills Bar Association. Business Appraisal and Real Estate Valuation in 2020: Application of the Federal Rules of Evidence in a Free Fall Economy. Schultz, Ferraro, Bovitz. Zoom. 12:30 p.m.


Now through July 10 -- telephonic 341(a) examinations:

The U.S. Trustee Program is extending the requirement that section 341 meetings be conducted only through telephonic or other alternative means (not requiring in-person appearance) to all cases filed through July 10, 2020. Appropriate notice will be provided to parties in accordance with bankruptcy law and rules.

Here is the link:


August 3 movie club (we hope):

Every now and then, members of the Monday Night Lawyer Movie Club Unless It's On Tuesday gather for a bite (usually at a restaurant at LA Live, next to Staples Center, 800 West Olympic Boulevard) and watch the latest film at the Regal Cinema (also at LA Live, 1000 West Olympic Boulevard, Los Angeles). For upcoming film selections, dates, and times, visit or send a note to


August 20-22, 2020 seminar:

American Bankrupty Institute. Southwest Bankruptcy Conference. Rancho Palos Verdes (Terranea).


October 13-17, 2020 conference:

National Conference of Bankruptcy Judges. San Diego (Marriott Marquis).


November 5 dinner:

Central District Consumer Bankruptcy Attorneys Association ("c"). Calvin Ashland Awards Dinner Honoring Judge of the Year: Chief Judge Maureen Tighe. Los Angeles (LA Grand Hotel).


November 20 ethics seminar:

Federal Bar Association, 17th Annual Bankruptcy Ethics Symposium. Los Angeles (Roybal).


October 5-9, 2021 conference:

National Conference of Bankruptcy Judges. Indianapolis (J.W. Marriott).


May 20-22, 2022:

California Bankruptcy Forum. 33rd Annual Insolvency Conference. Monterey.


October 18-22, 2022 conference:

National Conference of Bankruptcy Judges. Orlando (Marriott World Center).


May 19-21, 2023:

California Bankruptcy Forum. 34th Annual Insolvency Conference. La Quinta.


October 10-14, 2023 conference:

National Conference of Bankruptcy Judges. Austin (J.W. Marriott).


September 17-19, 2024 conference:

National Conference of Bankruptcy Judges. Seattle (Hyatt Regency Seattle).


September 16-19, 2025 conference:

National Conference of Bankruptcy Judges. Chicago (Marriott Marquis Chicago).